Stjepan Ilich



Brand Identity & Packaging

Changing consumers' minds to accept something radically different than the norm is one of the most challenging things to overcome when developing a brand identity and packaging design. But that's what we did with Züpa.

Cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and coconut water are no longer the only way to obtain sustenance on-the-go. Instead, Züpa provides a product line of chilled soups that are low in sugar and high in fiber, which is exactly why we created a brand and packaging that celebrates the whole vegetable.

We turned the veggies into a visual work of art. We created an iconic own-able illustration style, reminiscent of modern art, building the idea that this was fresh from the Avant Garden.

To celebrate the farmland origins of our soups and to build our illustration language, we took the iconography of produce stickers and worked it into various aspects of our design to help reinforce our health claims.

Off pack we wanted to start introducing real photography and to interplay with the illustration to reinforce the real, fresh, whole produce that was loaded into each and every Züpa bottle.

We created a system of playful illustrated pieces to shout our love of veggies to the world in a fun, personality rich way.

  • Client: Sonoma Brands
  • Art Direction: Nicole Flores & Javier Garcia
  • Additional Credits: Hatch Design